Martin Barnes, Senior Curator, Photographs, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
"Eva Vermandel's photographs capture the intangible - the spaces in between the mechanics of daily lives - in which we can often find moments of reverie. I can see how some people resist the camera as a device that enables this feeling, as we too often think of it as recording the tangible and the 'now'.
But Eva seems to be using the camera against itself - or rather cancelling itself out, as something deliberately 'out of phase' (to coin a term from physics that is also known and used by musicians). In any case, it is not the camera, but the eyes and heart behind the lens that make the work."

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Sydney Festival 40 Portraits | 2016
Splinter | 2013
Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust | 2008
Alabama Chrome | 2006


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Eva Vermandel "Light Like Water"