Sophie de Oliveira Barata for De Standaard Weekblad

Séan Barrett for FT Magazine

Gina Birch for Third Man Records

Ian McEwan for The Atlantic

Karl Bartos {Kraftwerk}

Jessie Buckley and Bernard Butler ‘For All Our Days That Tear The Heart’

National Portrait Gallery acquisition Jessie Buckley

Galya Bisengalieva

Peter Liversidge

Sun’s Signature {Elizabeth Fraser and Damon Reece}


“An experience is not, and never is, perceived in its entirety. It is essentially something that flows, and starting from the present moment we can swim after it, our gaze reflectively turned towards it, whilst the stretches we leave in our wake are lost to our perception. Only in the form of retention or in the form of retrospective remembrance have we any consciousness of what has immediately flowed past us.”

From ‘Ideas’, Edmund Husserl, 1931

Eva Vermandel’s practice explores how we perceive the world, drawing attention to the mundane by suspending its ‘normality’. Her work is in the collections of the V&A, London; the National Portrait Gallery, London; and the National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh. She published her first monograph ‘Splinter’ in 2013 with Hatje Cantz.

Concurrently with her artistic practice, Vermandel undertakes commissions as an editorial portrait photographer and has collaborated on long-term international projects, most notably with the Icelandic band Sigur Rós and the Sydney Festival. Belgian born, she has been based in London since 1996.


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