Eva Vermandel

Book, Hatje Cantz Verlag

“Splinter is an indication of a gap, a loss, an index of the disenchantment of modern life. It is the expression of a fragility, the articulation of a sustained (and perhaps growing) marginality that is also somehow sustaining. Paradoxically, what Splinter preserves photographically is the future. It offers a vision of a world beyond the banality of the interesting, beyond what has become the prison of excessive work and consumption, a promise of something as yet unseen. … Splinter is an intensification of life, and of longing. Its symbols of subversion threaten quietly and insistently to dissolve the society that otherwise seeks to suppress it.”

Duncan Forbes, 2013

Hatje Cantz Verlag

Exhibition, Cecilia Hillström Gallery, Stockholm, November–December 2013


“Splinter, lying on top of a pile of books right next to my computer, has been magnetically pulling me back ever since I received it in the mail. It's the kind of book that will let you see a little something else every time you look at it; a book that you can look at, and after the umpteenth time you stumble upon a picture wondering whether you missed it before.”

Jörg M Colberg, Conscientious

“Vermandel salvages beauty from the ruins of everyday life and so gifts viewers with the same eye.”

Lionel Shriver on Splinter, Port Magazine

The New Review, Sunday Independent

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