Sydney Festival 40 Portraits
Eva Vermandel
Sydney Festival 40 Portraits

Exhibition, Sydney city centre, January 2016

A public exhibition where the cityscape is the gallery, Sydney Festival 40 Portraits brought to life the festival’s history with a series of portraits on billboards scattered throughout the city during the 40th edition of the festival in January 2016. The Festival’s collaborative spirit was emphasised, capturing everyone from internationally renowned artists to behind-the-scenes staff, volunteers and audience members. All portraits were taken between June and September 2015 across four continents, in places ranging from New York to Los Angeles, Reykjavik to Paris and Sydney to Bejing.

The original C-type prints of the portraits went on display at UNSW Gallery, Sydney, for the duration of the 2016 festival.

Sydney Festival 2016

UNSW Gallery, Sydney


Book accompanying the Sydney Festival 40 Portraits exhibition.